Shaun Vanek Interview
"I recently had a chance to take a break from things at college and catch up with Eternal Legacy lead guitarist Shaun Vanek. We talked about everything from guitars to Eternal Legacy's album in the works, tentatively titled..."

Review of Eternal Legacy's The Coming of the Tempest posted.

Review of Eternal Legacy's CD release party up.

Review for Iced Earth's new single, Overture of the Wicked, up.
In related news, Matt Barlow (formerly of Iced Earth), has reappeared on the metal scene as vocalist of Danish prog/power band Pyramaze.

Review for Threads of Life

Review for Lamb of God's North American Tour 2007.


Whoo, the first power metal review (that isn't even completely power metal)...

Put up a review on In Flames' first album Lunar Strain.

So perhaps hard work does pay off. I received an email from Andrew Staehling (guitarist/vocalist/song-writing: Soulscar) the other day:

From: "Andrew Staehling"
>To: carnagex666@hotmail.com
>Subject: Soulscar review
>Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 22:49:58 -0800

>Hey man, just read your Endgame review - glad you dig the album!!
>Cheers and thanks for the support,

In response to my reply:
Can't remember where I found it, I google "Soulscar Endgame" once in a while...as always, there are mixed reactions to the CD, so very cool to see a positive one like yours where you obviously "got" what I was going for, riff-fest wise!

Article comparing The Jester Race, The Gallery, and Slaughter of the Soul up.

Check out the review of Soulscar's Endgame, one of the best releases of 2006.

Concert review on Trivum's North American Tour up.

First concert review up.

Just in time for Unholy Alliance and the release of their upcoming album, Lamb of God's Ashes of the Wake.

So the band database is officially started with...yes, I know, another metalcore band addition, Trivium. I promise, power metal to come!

After somewhat of a hiatus, a review for The Autumn Offering's Embrace the Gutter and new article are up. Don't worry power/prog fans, I'll be getting an album review up for you soon... :p

FAQ section up. Vote for the album you'd like to see review next.

As a special treat for my 18th birthday, I ordered myself a list of metal albums from CD Inzane and should be receiving them soon. So, I've decided that my next reviews will be from this list of albums. So, I've decided that you, the reader, should decide! Below is a list of the albums I have purchased...

  Artist Album  
  Altaria Invitation  
  Mob Rules Hollowed Be Thy Name  
  Guardians of Time Machines of Mental Design  
  Circus Maximus The 1st Chapter  
  Pagan's Mind Enigmatic: Calling  
  Casus Belli In the Name of the Rose  
  Iron Savior Battering Ram  
  Paragon Revenge  
  Sinergy Suicide by My Side  
  Adagio Dominate  

Vote here...

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Review of In Flame's album Come Clarity is up in the Album Reviews section.